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USB 720 Aircard and a Router?

Chris Blackwell
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Has anyone been successful with using a router yet? I purchased one and made my computer the router and the Router the hub. My lap top recoginzes the IP but it will not access the internet. I think there is something going on with the Verizon software blocking it from accessing the internet.

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ninerian ninerian is offline
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I was able to use a D-link 450 router with a PCMCIA to USB adapter to set up a wired/wireless network.
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Jeff Cosby
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I have been using USB 720 on my wireless network at home for 2 years now. You just need a router EVDO capable. I bought a used Kyocera (KR-1) on ebay for $150.00. Also D-link and Cradlepoint make one. You set up the network as usual. I would advise using an external antenna for faster speeds.
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wmalthou wmalthou is offline
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Yes, ICS works ... (Internet Connection Sharing), ... BUT you are dependent on the software (Windows Firewall??? Yeech!) protection of the host laptop or desktop to keep idiots out of your machine(s). Try a Kyocera USB-Modem router/firewall or several other wireless routers with hardware/firmware firewall protection instead. Yes Virginia my little girl, routers compatible with USB aircards do exits, despite claims above that they are non-existent.
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They now make an aircard to wifi router. Pretty nifty. So, you can basically share one aircard among the whole house full of PCs wirelessly.

And I'd go with an unlimited 3G plan from Sprint or Verison. They are around 35 bucks a month, and they don't have the annoying 5Gb limit that AT&T does.
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