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OT: Unemployment

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Are you looking to be a drain on society?

>-----Original Message-----
>Just wondering if anybody would care to tell me how

>works in their country? Basic rules. I'm curious,

because I have been
>told that Australia has quite an attractive social

welfare system.
>People immigrate here to get benefits.
>Over here, you receive about AU$300 (about US$240) per

>if you are an unemployed single. This amount is pretty

>doubled if your spouse is also unemployed. What makes it

>is that you can also claim rent assistance if you are not

living in your
>own home. Curiously, you can rent your home out at the

same time.
>Benefits are means tested, but you would have to be quite

>not to qualify (some millionaire farmers, rich in assetts

but cash
>poor, get benefits). The Government does not expect you

to sell
>your home before being eligible for benefits but does

expect you
>to spend any savings you have. If you have children, you

>for even more money. So much so that at around 3-4

>you will likely get more benefits in real terms than

working a
>non-professional, full time job. Six or more children

can be the
>same as a professional income.
>Most put in a form every two weeks. You have to show

that you
>are actively engaged in looking for work, or training for

new skills.
>We do have chronic unemployed, who measure their welfare

>in decades.
>I would be interested to find out what welfare is like

for Americans,
>those in Europe and the UK.
>It is my understanding that there is no such things as

>benefits in India, most of Asia and some other well

>countries, even if you have been working and find

>unemployed after loyal service.

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----- Bob wrote: ----

Are you looking to be a drain on society

Hardly. I make more than 20 times welfare payments

Why the hell would I give that up

I was asking because of some topical media coverage lately

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