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Fun and games with NAT

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Afternoon all, I have a bit of a situation I have to deal with
regarding an IP scheme migration, currently I have a number of sites
which have been assigned address ranges within our network, initially
they were unable to complete the migration from their old address
ranges within the timescale required. They access our network via a
Cisco 3750 switch connected to a PIX 515 running PIX 7.2. In order to
allow them access in the short term their old IP addresses were NAT'ed
to the new ones at the PIX (the vast majority of each range done
dynamically but the top end of each sites range reserved for statics
where necessary). They are now looking to migrate to the new IP scheme
and need to do so in their own time, I am trying to come up with a way
of doing this that I can put in place and then will not require any
intervention on the Cisco devices as each site migrates. The network
(with the exception of the NAT to allow for the old IP schemes) is a
NAT 0 network - the no nat is configured using nat exemption. My
problem is working out how to set the system up to facilitate these
changes without breaking any of the static nat rules that are
currently in place to allow traffic inbound. Any ideas would be much

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