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Bizarre vector insertion behavior - can someone please enlighten?
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I've run into a seemingly bizarre problem with insert() for
std::vector. (This was done on Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 express
version 8...maybe it is a compiler specific bug?)

Here's the code:


// vector tester 3.cpp : main project file.

#include "stdafx.h"

int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
std::vector<int> vectorList;

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 45; ++i) // works if 45 is
replaced with smaller value.

unsigned int aBegin = 25;
unsigned int aEnd = 35; // works if 35 is replaced with 34.

vectorList.insert(vectorList.begin() + 35, // works if 35 is
replaced by 36, 37, 38 ...
// but not if 35 is replaced by 34, 33, 32...
vectorList.begin() + aBegin, vectorList.begin() + aEnd);

return 0;


When this is run, an error occurs during the insertion about
incompatible vector iterators.
At first I thought, maybe this is happening because I'm trying to
insert into the range that I am copying...but, if the size of the
vector is just changed from 45 elements long to 44 elements long...the
program works! I think that is just bizarre.

Does anybody understand what is going on here? It would be crazy to
write code that might fail whenever it encounters a vector.insert() so
I would like to understand the reason this code fails but when the 45
is replaced with 44, it works.

Any insight appreciated!


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