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a question in 070-216

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a question met in 070-216, and I don't know how to solve it.

the network enviorment is shown as exhibit:

routeris the only way to access internet. how should we configure a static route on server A , in order to make internet access available for windows 2000 pro

fill the gaps

Network mask:

and finally, would you please tell me why
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----- zrs wrote: -----

a question met in 070-216, and I don't know how to solve it.

I have a question: Do you know the answer? If YES, you should just post it,
so someone else could reverse engineer how the answer works.

If NO, then how would you know that someone else or you got it right?

Although it isn't entirely clear, I'm going to guess the following:

Router gateway is to the internet. It would have
Destination mask gateway metric 1
somewhere in the route table

I'm going to guess that Server B has one network card.

Via "route print" at a command prompt , you would get:
Destination Netmask gateway Interface Metric 1

This says for IP's not in the 172.10.1.x subnet, go to

First part of the network done....

Now, on Server B, if you go to the network card properties, you can add
IP mask NOTE: you could add another netcard
and achieve the same thing, but I notice Server A has an extra netcard depicted, so
I am assuming that the IP address is just added. Now, route print will also reveal:
Destination Netmask Gateway Metric 1

Server A has NIC2 configured with IP mask gateway
If you did nothing else, a route print command would yield
Destination Netmask Gateway Metric 1

In effect, this says that the rest of the internet can be found via

NIC1 has I will assume mask NO GATEWAY.
The Win2K Pro machine would have an IP 172.10.2.x, mask gateway
A route print command would yield:
Destination Netmask Gateway Metric 1

In effect, the Win2K machine can connect the rest of the internet via Server A.

You could get a couple of machines, put network cards in them and try all this for yourself....

To prove this design, you could put a crossover cable between the Win2K Pro machine
and NIC1 on Server A. NIC2 would go to a hub / switch that also connects Server B
and the router. The router could just as well be another server with a dial up internet connection....

Answer to your question:

Interface: NIC2
Network mask:
Metric: 1

Now: Here is another way to make the same thing work.
Let's assume that ALL network connections go to the same switch / hub.
With all IPs starting with 172.10.x.y, change the netmask to
The gateway for all but the router will be

Since the Win2K machine, configured with 172.10.2.y previously can
now find on the same subnet, it will have the following route:
Destination Netmask Gateway Metric 1

Previous routes in the 192.168.1.x range referring to destination
can now be removed.

The Win2K machine, joined to the same ethernet device as the router,
can now go to the internet via the router without going through either server.

This is not the answer to the question, but is offered just so you can examine
another scenario and hopefully gain further insight into how networking and
subnetting can be applied.
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I forgot to mention that none of this works
without Network Address Translation (NAT)
configured on the router.
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