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Guide: Xbox Controller to USB Adapter

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does anyone know if i could just wire up my 360 controller to an original xbox 1 controller plug and use my 360 controller on the old xbox? it seems like it might not work, but if anyone has tried and can confirm either way that would be great. or maybe someone knows enough about the controller circuitry to have an answer without making it. if i don't hear from anyone before i get ahold of my parts, i will try it myself and post my results here. the wiring is simple enough.
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When the 360 came out I was really upset about not being able to use an original Xbox controller, but since I got the 360 controller in my hands I haven't looked back cause it's the greatest controller ever. Perfect size, new LT and RT buttons that feel better than the PS3 controllers L2/R2, the guide button. The only thing I wish they kept with the 360 remote that was on the Controller S was the start and back buttons on the lower left corner. That way you wouldn't have to take your hands off of the A,B,X and Y buttons and risk getting attacked by an enemy to move your finger to click the start button. The lower left corner was a different place to put it and it worked and felt the best there.
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