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Help with Data Recovery from HDD Please. - Freeware or low cost solution?
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About a month ago, while running CCleaner, my external 400GB Seagate
HDD showed an error indicating something like "the master file is
corrupt" or "the directory file is corrupt". I don't remember the
exact language. I rebooted my pc and restarted the drive. It was not
recognized and could not be accessed. System Restore indicated it
could not restore the external drive as it had been turned off. Disk
Management indicated an empty drive. The HDD was set up with NTFS and
was in a firewire enclosure.

Prior to this error, there were no indications of problems with the
drive- no noises, no error messages. I used the drive for media
storage- largely for mp3 files, but also some movies. Some of the
data was backed up, but about 100 gb was not. A bunch of data
recovery services gave me quotes in a range of $400 to $3500.

The freeware PC Inspector File Recovery did not show any data on the
Seagate. GetDataBack 3.03 did a thorough scan and showed all my files
were still accessible. This program allows you to access individual
files, but not copy or save them to another location without paying a
$80 fee (ie. I was able to play individual mp3s, but not recover or
copy them).

I'm impressed with the GetDataBack program and do not object paying
for the registration if that's my last option, but at this time $80 is
a significant amount to me and I would like to try any lower cost or
free options if there are any.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for either a method of
manually accessing the data or some other freeware solution?

Thank you,

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