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Conflict of interest problem.

Knut Arvid Keilen
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News articles in Norway recently carries a discussion regarding status of
immigrants from other countries to Norway.

To be exact, those who are suspected of carrying out illegal work, that is.

Currently, the Norwegian King as the Head of Government is the final
jurisdictional point.

There is assumed to be a conflict between the Justice Department and the
Immigration Department regarding this matter, though.

About 15 or 16 years ago I had a loan in the Norwegian savings bank of
"Postbanken, Norway".

Again, I am no expert in dealing with money. I do some computer maintenance
and have astronomy as a personal hobby.

I had some 7,500 NOK * 3 (over half a year or more) pre-paid for paying my
education. This expense dealt with bying books, semester fee, travel by bus,
etc. I was living "at home" by the time.

My parents are self-byers of a private property. Both earlier worked full
time. My father was quite well off for some 10 years before retiring, being
second in command in his structure.

I have 3 years of computer education (or rather computer maintenance) in my
experience. The first year was not good, but by working hard, I came up
quite well when ending up my third year.

I spent about 100,000 NOK applying for a job, wearing out a manual (although
current based) typewriter.

Finally, I got a 6 month job at the local administration of my town. I was
paid for the bus. One of my colleagues there was a female. Although having
been in Norway from Bosnia-Herzegovina for some 10 months or a little more,
she was not harrassed
quite as much by my female supervisor as was some other people (mostly
women, dispersed over city districts). Her salary (by means of internal
jurisdiction) was probably about
some 20,000 to 300,000 per month (not year).

My current apartment (the second one) has a bying price of 650,000 NOK
because at the age of 43,
my parents does not want me to live at home anymore.

The valid sales or loan amount for this sum of money is NOT pre-paid in
advance at the current point of time. It is not above the table nor below
the table.

The seller (the local city administration), may be either the buyer, or is a
self-byer. My contact person there has been constitutional elected, meaning
the rules and the laws stated
are final and can not be changed or circumvented in any situation

I currently have about 20,000 NOK (variable) to spend on my primary account.
About 100,000 on another account.

Remember what I earlier said. I was not paid at all in my job and my earlier
employer has been constitutional elected (by means of rule of law, not by
the people). Both the decision making process as well as the rule making
process are final and abides 100 % to the law.

Any advice of how to pay back the 650,000 NOK is requested.

Thanks in advance !

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