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Recovering password for AIM 5.9

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A friend asked me to transfer the data files from her old Windows 98 pc
onto her new XP laptop. She also asked me to install certain programs
that she was accustomed to using, including AOL Instant Messenger ver.

The problem is that she would like to keep the screen name that she has
used in the past but, unfortunately, she has forgotten her password.
(The Win98 machine has it "saved" but evidently not locally.)

I tried a couple of pw recovery programs that I found by searching
google for <"AOL Instant Messenger" "password recovery">, but they
didn't work. One was Advanced IM Password Recovery and the other was
MessenPass v1.08. The latter did not detect her installation of AIM,
and the former detected it but said AIM ver. 5.x was "not supported",
though ver. 6 beta was. I tried upgrading AIM on her Win98 box, hoping
that this version would be "supported", but it would not install on
Windows 98.

She tried the "Lost Password" button on her new installation, but it
asked her a security question that she couldn't answer. ("Where was
your first job?") She says she doesn't remember setting that question,
and none of her attempts worked.

Any suggestions on how to proceed, or the only option left to her
creation of a new screen name?


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It is very easy to recover AOL Instant Messenger login and password with AIM Password Recovery tool (available from Top Password Software, Inc.), it works for all aim versions.

Best Regards,

Ryan Ware.
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