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Irritating DVD playback problem.

Knut Arvid Keilen
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I have several DVD packages installed on my computer. Also there are several
partitions, because I have more than one hard disk.

I use Windows XP, Home Edition (which by now perhaps beat Windows

On the older partition that I am on now, I have Windows Media Player,
RealPlayer and InterActual Player 2.60 installed. Also a link to "Unlock or
Buy NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder"
under nVidia Corporation - ForceWare - nStant Media. One software that tries
hard to get it working is the WinDVD software from InterVideo (not installed
right here, but I have it).

Also I have other packages and the hardware is good. Also I have a 5.1 Sound
System with 5 wall mounted speakers and a bass speaker on my table.

When I try playing a DVD, it won't do so. It comes up with an error message
telling me that there may be a problem with the (sub) sound system. The
sound driver may not
be compatible with DirectX. I should close all DirectSound software that is
using the sound card.

The main board is a powerful one having PCI Express cards (I think that is
the correct name for it), but the sound card (which is my third) may not
perhaps be totally ideal for it
(Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS with cable conneted volume control / bass level
switch or knob).

In earlier versions of Windows Media Player this actually worked fine. Then
something was pulled out of the software and it does not do the job anymore.

So I am asking the following. Please fix this problem. It is a very annoying

Thanks in advance.

Knut Arvid Keilen

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