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Re: Vista Will Exterminate Micoshaft, Desktop Linux will prevail Once And For All.

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OK wrote:

> On Sat, 07 Oct 2006 10:05:43 GMT, 7
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>micoshaft asstroturfer Removed) wrote on behalf of micoshaft:
>>> When Vista hits the streets Linux on the desktop will become

>>The best show stopper ever to put down micoshaft.
>>Micoshaft and their paid asstroturfers and windope zealots stink.
>>I can run Knoppix, Mepis etc, Linux on a 750MHz AMD Duron PC
>>I can burn a 4Gb DVD (14,000+ files), and Listen to uninterrupted MP3
>>Music and AT THE SAME TIME copy 2Gb of files through network card and

> Yes, Windows can do that, XP for example, without any trouble, and
> while playing a DVD full screen from a second DVD drive and five or 6
> AVIs in their own class media player window, all at the same time, but
> who gives a f#ck?

I said windopes can't play multiple videos. Who give a fsck if
other proprietory players you pay for can?
In any case, are you sure its coming from the HD and not RAM cache???
Some dum dum had 2Gb cache to rise to the challenge.
256Mbytes RAM is not enough to cache large 6 DVD videos
to be played at the same time.

>>Can vista crap do any of that? Not a chance.
>>On same machine, if I want 3D windows, I can run Big Linux.
>>Full 3D windows placed at various distances and angles at various
>>translucencies. Not even Hollywood has shown off such
>>advanced technology in their movies yet.
>>Or how about if you are a student, you can run up Quantian or Knoppix
>>liveDVD and then run xmaxima to symbolically manipulate mathematical
>>formulas. A must for every engineering student.
>>Where can I can get all this for free now?

> Problem is: 96% of the world computer users run Windows, vs. 0.4%
> Linux.

Out of date information - Linux has taken bigger chunks out of the
pie becoming ubiquitous embedded devices, servers, and slowly but
relentlessly taking on the desktop.

> Keep playing with your live CDs...

Will Do.

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