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Re: The Nindows Fista XPerience

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asstroturfing cubilce monster flatfish+++ wrote on behalf of micoshaft:

> On Sun, 17 Sep 2006 16:41:13 +0200, Hadron Quark wrote:
>> Until Linux gets its act together with HW it is doomed.

> That is a true statement.

Nope. This guy is way out of date.

Through offering choice, Linux is
doing very well thanks.

Plus it has biggest supported hardware experience
out of the box on the planet compared to other OSes.
If your hardware doesn't work, then its a problem
with the manufacturer - go choose a manufacturer
that offers Linux drivers. Just about everything
has good Linux supported alternative hardware equivalent.
There hasn't been a need to hold out for a micoshaft
only solution for months now.
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