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Never turn off the computer???

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"w_tom" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed)

> Just another example of why the
> military academies what people educated in engineering -
> not as communication majors.

Translation please.
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Blinky the
Shark <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> > But what I am reading is NOT why they leave the machines on -- they are
> > usually giving excuses for not turning them off.

> They keep giving you the reason why they leave them on: in their
> opinions they are prolonging the life of the hardware,

But that seems to be offered as a guess, rather than from any knowledge
that it makes a difference in the life of anything.

> and having a
> machine ready to use on a moment's notice without needing to boot it.

I expected to see that one, and haven't -- must have been someone I
have filtered.

> > The major reason for not turning it off is the different kinds of wear
> > people have cited, none of which are well-determined and one of which
> > doesn't make any sense at all.

> All opinions...but also those are *their reasons*, which you keep saying
> nobody's giving you. If you can't see a perceived reason as a perceived
> reason, there's no real need to continue this discussion.

I think you misunderstand me.
When you do something for a guess, that's just hopeful behavior.
When you decide to do something for a reason, that's reasoned behavior.
It seems people are doing both behaviors to reduce hardware wear.
Without solid information that one thing reduces wear over another,
this is just guessing. It's behavior without reason or cause.

> > After reading the replies, I'm starting to think that leaving the
> > machine on feels like a modern-world luxury to some of these people,
> > just because they can minimize the difference.

> Minimize what difference? Crystal ball's at the cleaners.

Minimize the difference of wear issues (on versus off).

> > If that's all, then I'd like to see some people realize doing something
> > extravagant that offers no value is no benefit to them.

> Their reasons show that they believe the benefits to be longer hardware
> life and instant access. And I doubt that they believe that leaving
> their systems on is "extravagant".

Now, the quicker access is a reason, and there are a lot of situations
where it is important.
Minimizing wear isn't any reason if they haven't any idea where the
wear wears. It's just a description of their action, without meaning.
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