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Help Setting Up Home LAN Network

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On 25 Aug 2006 15:49:21 -0700, Removed) wrote:

>Basically because first i just wanted a simple solution and bought the
>DGL-4300 but found out that it does not support PPPoA so then I bought

Guessing the 660R isn't PPPoA so you didn't got for simply replace the
DGL. Oh well.

>the P660R-61C a simple router one LAN port to get my ISP connection and
>just wanted to use it as a adsl modem. I thought I would have just to
>plug it to the WAN port of my DGL-4300 et voila! Guess i got that
>The DGL-4300 offers some functionality such as Mac Address control that

MAC address control isn't all it's cracked up to be.

>the zyxel I believe does not offer and that's why i would rather have

If the Zyxel isn't wireless, then it won't it's more of a wireless
router thing.

>my DHCP server on the DGL.

Nothing to really do with DHCP, the MAC control it limiting what devices
are allowed to connect.

>Once again many thanks for all your help.

Manuals just finished downloading, it might be better get a more
suitable PPPoA / Wireless router in 1. Will save you time and hassle.

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On 26 Aug 2006 03:32:32 -0700, (E-Mail Removed) wrote:

>Sorry I meant DHCP reservation , i.e. being able to set a specific IP
>for a specific MAC address. The DGL-4300 can do it but I don't think

Not for the wireless connections?

>the Zyxel can.

As you say, the DGL can using the Static DHCP client.

The simple thing I did was set the DHCP range down to about 10. Then
when I need a server to have a static IP I manually assigned an address
starting from, allows for some expansion of the DHCP range
if required. Never had to configure static IP clients on any router, the
virtual server still needs detup to forward traffic, but it worked fine.

I think I said this, you need to set the P660R to single user mode, no
NAT, RIP to let the routers know about each other.

If you tell the P666R to be something like 192.168.1.x and the DGL is
192.168.2.x then RIP will know how to get packets between the 2
networks. The DGL can then be the DHCP server for .2.x network.

The best way to sort any issue like this is, draw out all the kit,
addresses / settings on each in/out link. You will see what values you
need to set for servers / routing.

The last time I did any of this was at work (last month) on Cisco kit
all that needed was a static route on the 2 routers to point to each
other. At home the Cisco only needed - ip cef enabled

The other fun you can have of course, is forget DHCP on the routers, put
in a Linux PC run DHCP server and you can set reservations per MAC
addresses very easily. Windows (servers) will do the same, it's less
expensive not using Windows.

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