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Does XP have an equivalent to DOS command Dir > name.txt ?

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"Toolman Tim" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:CbRwg.364$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Martik wrote:
>> "Toolman Tim" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:kKOwg.302$(E-Mail Removed)...
>>> Spiderd wrote:
>>>> I need to create a text file of a directory on a drive in one
>>>> location and send on to my home computer by email. I could easily
>>>> put directory lists in a .txt file under DOS but have not found a
>>>> way to do it on XP.
>>>> I tried the search or find on XP but it saved an empty find rather
>>>> than what it actually found.
>>>> I looked on Google and scanned here but with no luck.
>>>> Is there a way?
>>>> Thanks
>>> So do it in DOS. What's the problem? Start, Run, cmd <enter>.

>> XP is capable of running a new 'linux like' command shell:

> Kewl! It's over my head, and a bit overkill for what the OP had in mind,
> but I'm sure a lot of system admins can really use/appreciate the ability
> to code/execute scripts in an DOS-like enviroment.

Simple examples using the 'grep' command:

ie: I want to find all files than contain the test "pantec" case-insenitive
including all sub-folders:

msh start the shell
grep -ir pantec *

or I want to see all PIII with 256mb that are NOT Dell's in all txt files
in the current folder:

grep -i piii *.txt|grep -i 256mb *.txt|grep -iv dell *.txt

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