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XP Pro - my opening 'menu' disappeared

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Luke O'Malley <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

|>I took my USB mouse from my PC to use on my laptop. The PC was
|>turned on without the mouse and a msg told that there was no
|>keyboard. When I checked it seems that I inadvertantly disconnected
|>the keyboard. I plugged it back in again and booted up the computer.
|>The computer stopped to give me a choice between XP Pro & Win 98. (I
|>used to have Win 98 on the PC). I selected XP Pro and the computer
|>booted up, but it was like a brand new computer - ther were no icons
|>for programs and it gave me a 'wonderful' lawn - which I had long
|>gotten ridden of. This happened once before a couple of years ago,
|>but I don't know how the problem was resolved.
|>Is there enough info here to help me?

Try WinKey+R <type in> explorer <enter>

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Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Luke O'Malley wrote:

> In article Removed),
> (E-Mail Removed) said:
> -->Try WinKey+R <type in> explorer <enter>

> Thank you for the reply. What is WinKey = R?

Look on your keyboard. Most modern ones have a key between the Ctrl and
the Alt, with a Windows graphic on it. That's the WinKey.

Hold it down and press R

Not "WinKey = R" but "WinKey+R", which is the way you would type

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