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Re: ETs arrive, cloaked as red rain

Art Deco
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Brad Guth <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>> Well, some people prefer to think even if we are a 'little' out of
>> step. We challenge old worn out ideas. We mold and twist and turn
>> thoughts until they give way to 'new', 'fresh' ideas. We do the human
>> thing, every day.
>> tomcat

>Unfortunately, since just having been remote terminated once again by
>more of GOOGLE's handy-dandy transfer of their Usenet e-spook worth of
>MIB malware/spermware/****ware, whereas after being remotely RESET I've
>had to reboot, purge and reboot again, is making efforts to contribute
>as difficult as they possibly can without infecting their own incest
>cloned servers.

Just admit it, Brad, you don't know much of anything about Google,
usenet, or even personal computers.
>Of course, it doesn't much help that folks like yourself as having been
>so well snookered and summarily dumbfounded past the point of
>no-return, in that communicating with the likes of yourself is almost

Don't worry, tomcat is so brain-dead that he can't understand that you
are insulting him. He worships the electrons you post with.

Official Associate AFA-B Vote Rustler
Official Overseer of Kooks and Saucerheads in alt.astronomy
Co-Winner, alt.(f)lame Worst Flame War, December 2005
Official "Usenet psychopath and born-again LLPOF minion",
as designated by Brad Guth

"And without accurate measuring techniques, how can they even
*call* quantum theory a "scientific" one? How can it possibly
be referred to as a "fundamental branch of physics"?"
-- Painsnuh the Lamer

"Well, orientals moved to the U.S. and did amazingly well on
their own, and the races are related (brown)."
-- "Honest" John pontificates on racial purity

"Significant new ideas have rarely come from the ranks of
the establishment."
-- Double-A on technology development
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