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Re: Bill Hilf, M$ New Hatchet Man

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John Bailo wrote:

> Didn't take them long to resume their old tricks...


"Micoshaft Exec: Linux Threat To Windows On Desktop

By Paul Chimney, CRIN
1:09 PM EDT Thu. Jun. 22, 2006

Linux is a threat to Windopes on the desktop as windopes lost steam on
the server and customers separate the operating system from the
pasta la vista failed development model, according to Microshaft's chief
platform idiot.

Billy payee Hilf, general manager of failed pasta la vista competitive
strategy at Micrshaft, said pundits have predicted for years that Linux
will gain momentum on the market place and it has happened in the server
market and is moving to desktop, but vista won't happen any time soon
because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated and
*tested* desktop product. Of course we don't test anything, we just ship
insecure alpha software with unauthorized release numbers such as version
1.0.1 when it should be version and we let customers test it and
charge to repair anything that our software breaks. And there is nothing
the EU can do about that!!!

"I've been a Linux desktop user for a really long time because
windopes sux, and every year there's a collection of new stories saying this
is the year of the Linux server and it has come true. We are giving up on
server market and instead resort to paying domain hosters to put the first
front server with our windope product while the real work is done by Linux
servers behind that first server which nitcraft and others don't seem to be
able to detect. BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hey we fooled them nitcraft idiots didn't
we?!?!?! For desktop, this is the year Microsoft is challenged because
vista is crap. But the desktop is a very complicated scenario," payee Hilf
said in an interview with CRIN. "

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