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MCSE without BSc

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Is it useful to a person without a BSc to gain a MCSE ?
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"inders" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> Is it useful to a person without a BSc to gain a MCSE ?

By BSc, I assume you mean any university/college degree in computers? It
certainly is. The degree shows you have the theory. The MCSE for the most
part shows you have practical experience. Some companies require one or both
to get in the door to an entry level position.

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On 16 Oct 2003 04:22:06 -0700, Removed) (inders) wrote:

>Is it useful to a person without a BSc to gain a MCSE ?

Most MCSE's don't have a degree, and I am the only one that I know of
with a BSCS. Most of the one's with degree's come from other areas,
they have Business Admin, Communications, or IT degrees.

I recommend that if you have the opprotunity to get a degree, get it.
You will have an easier time finding and keeping jobs.

KLXrider, MCNGP #18
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Although I agree with you in part I would not go as far as to say an MCSE
shows you have some kind of practical experience.

I think all it shows is you can pass a series of multiple choice exams, lets
face it most people who pass don't even have a job in IT. They take the
Microsoft exams so as to get a job in IT.

I think it is also true to say that the majority of people who takes these
exams do so using the tried and tested method of memorizing about two
hundred of the real exam questions that they have downloaded from the
Internet prior to sitting the exam.

It has to be said I don't include myself in this group, but I know about
fifteen people who are now MCSE's, MCSA's or just MCP's all but one of which
used the above method, and these are all the Microsoft certified people I
know. Using that as a sample group that means 93% are cheaters.

All these qualifications prove is that you can memorise large amounts of
questions and regurgitate that information later on.

Inders, lots of employers have got wise to this scam now and class the
Microsoft exams as a bit of a joke because so many people cheat to get them,
they know this.

You could of course spend like a year or whatever studying you're butt off,
buy all the books and maybe spend lots of money going on some courses. You
will be more knowledgeable than the cheaters above.

That said many employers cannot be bothered to sort the wheat from the
chaff. In effect the cheaters will have made your qualifications that you
worked so hard worth even less that that crappy made in China MCSE tie pin
you get when you pass.

My advice would be to try and get a job before you go to the trouble of
getting all these exams. People do this all the time; I know loads of really
good and knowledgeable people in the IT sector who don't have a single cert,
not even one.

Most of the time it's not what you know, but who you know, and if your face
fits you will get the job simple as that.

"inders" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> Is it useful to a person without a BSc to gain a MCSE ?

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As long as you have practical experience (read: years), with a MCSE you
will be golden and a BSc won't be necessary. Really depends on the
kind ofjob you are wanting. Degrees + certifications give you an edge
up come promotion time.

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just a twist here...

In that the MCSE cert supposidly represent's a year of experience, and
it takes a month of fairly intense study for someone NOT working in IT
to prepare for an exam, then after seven exams, he has seven months

Also, I would have to assume that if one makes it as far as an interview
that if they were interviewed partly because of an MCSE and the
interviewer does not automatically assume that the person is a cheater
because he has an MCSE.

I'd also assume the interviewer is looking for many other things outside
of tha MCSE, and other qualities will help the person get the job.

The interviewer also has the option of sending the candidate in for a
visit with an IT person who could tell the difference between a cheater
and someone who knows the material.

I never cheated on an exam, and I don't let the cheaters bother me. What
does bother me is people who are so sure I cheat because I have MCSE(and
other), but don't work in networking. They dismiss all my very hard work
in one breath, and are self assured that they are correct. Tell me in
this case "who's the fool", lol(:

Now, all that said brings up something else. What is the integrity of
the person doing the hireing? Is he a brown noser, a cheater, or someone
with integrity? IMHO, I believe a good rule of thumb is that people
project into other people standards of who they are themselves. For
example if you are going out with a woman who tells you "no man can be
trusted", you should consider breaking it off. Same for an
interviwere...if he is a cheater, he will be more likely to believe that
you may be too. if he is not a cheater, the possibility wil be open, but
yu will be working form the 'benefit of the doubt", until you do
something that trips his "cheated alarm bells". In short, it's the
cheater's first guess that the other person cheats too, and the person
with integrity thinks that the other person is NOT cheating first, until
he shows evidence tto the contrary.

Sorry for my typos, I gottaget(:

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