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2.5" External USB Caddy Hard Drive Issues

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I have a SafeCom 2.5" USB 2.0 external caddy, product code SUSB2-25CA.
I had previously been using it with an old 20 gb drive with no problem
until one day I hooked it up to my desktop the drive didn't start up.
The light was on, and the PC was even detecting it as a mass USB
storage device but nothing else. Seemed odd, I tried the drive in an
ultrabay in my ThinkPad, nothing, tried it as the main drive in my
laptop, nothing (apart from an error saying no hard drive detected),
nothing showing up in BIOS etc. So I accepted that perhaps this old
drive had kicked it.

I replaced it with a barely used 80 gb drive at the start of April and
have been using it with no issues.....until today, when the exact same
thing has happened!! This is getting to be an expensive habbit! Has
anyone had issues with USB caddy's killing drives off? I have always
used the safe remove for hardware in XP and the drive has been handled
extra carefully - is this to teach me a lesson for picking the cheapest
caddy going?

I've found one other post on the net with someone having problems -
possibly a similar issue, it's here: I couldn't find
the mentioned info. on the manufacturer's website though
Maybe a heat issue?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter.....

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