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RAM - 2gb becomes 4gb becomes 2gb

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On 2006-04-27, b <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> "Jimchip" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> On 2006-04-27, b <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> i had 2gb of ram, bought another 2gb (2x more 1gb sticks to fill in the
>>> remaining 2 slots on mobo)...

>> oooo, how much did that cost?

> total cost of RAM was $310 or so, minus shipping

Yep. That's quite an expense.

>>> when i booted up, windows only recognized 3gb ... but i googled a little
>>> and
>>> found an article that said windows won't use more than 2gb unless told to
>>> use 3gb (how? i couldn't find boot.ini, just a backup of it)

>> Did you make sure the RAM was seated correctly? You should be able to
>> enter
>> the BIOS at boot-up and see how much memory is available...before Windows
>> does anything. Any 32-bit Windows should be able to use 4GB, though I know
>> of some problems with Win98/me.

> bios says 4g+ (you know, 4182250k or whatever it is)
> does the reading in my bios have anything to do with whether or not the ram
> is good/broken ?

Well, if it wasn't seated correctly then it wouldn't show up. There's a
memory check- I suppose that's working OK. As long as there's no funny beeps
at boot up then it looks like you have 4 good GB.

> ALSO - i noticed while i was in there that i had the voltage to my dimm
> slots at 2.8, when default is 2.6, so i changed it right back ... all that
> time, the first 2 sticks had no problems, but could it be that the new ones
> did? they're identical, so is there some phsyical/mechanical reason why the
> older sticks would work with the higher voltage but the newer ones wouldn't?

I actually think that you solved your problem. Your dual memory doesn't like
higher voltages. Run it at the default level.

>> Are you sure your motherboard supports 4GB? It may have been designed with
>> a
>> lower limit. 4 slots doesn't mean it holds 4x1GB necessarily.

> my mobo is Abit's AT-8 (rd480-uli)

A socket 939 AMD64 Athlon.

> how do i check if it only supports 2gb instead of 4gb? the advertisement
> says it can handle up to 8gb (but who believes advertisers?) ... all the
> other mobo's in this one's bracket all support 4gb, so i assume i support
> 4gb

It should support 4GB.

>> It wouldn't hurt to mention what windows, what motherboard, etc.

> xp w/ sp2 and the ram is g.skill ddr 500

I'm betting it's the higher voltage.
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