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dsl and remote x-windows problem
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Hello. I am having some trouble using X windows via my DSL
modem which runs at a max of 1.5 megs (due to my locality) to
work on a remote machine in my lab.

I am able to connect to the remote machine using

ssh -X <machine>

and run firefox browser remotely from the command line, and I
can browse pretty well. Graphics are pretty fast, and if
I switch away to a different desktop and back, the browser
window is immediately present.

But when I run matlab on the remote machine, it is too
slow to use. The matlab graphics (java?) windows take
forever to to refresh, which seems needed every time a
menu command is issued or I switch to another desktop
and back. Since firefox runs OK locally
and on the remote machine I know the DSL connection
and the X windows connection can move the data, but
matlab just won't work at a usable speed.

Many thanks in advance if anybody has information
about why this happens or what to do to speed it up.

Jim Kroger

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