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Exifer - red entries?

Terry Pinnell
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Any Exifer users able to help solve this puzzle please?

At this page
it says
"Main window - List mode
Some lines are marked red because the metadata differs from its saved

But why should there be any difference if all you do is use Backup on
a newly opened test folder of 3 images? All 3 entries are now red.

There's a possible clue when I examine the 3 EXI backup files in my
text editor. Although these are binary files, there are 4 recognisable
text elements in each of them. The last 3 of these match the 2 IPTC
entries I made (Description and Special Instructions) plus the JPG
Comment, but the first string is 'Photoshop 3.0', which seems
unrelated to my files. (I don't even have that program.)

Also, where are these EXI files supposed to be created? The setting at
File > Options > Backup Files is 'd:\Program Files\Exifer\exifbak\'.
But when I used the Backup tool on the 3 JPGs, their EXI files were
written to the same folder as the images.

Terry, West Sussex, UK
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