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Slavery is back in 21st century USA

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A different kind of workforce slavery.

Robbing people's works.

The company is Google.

The stolen work is not tobacco farm related, but writars are used and abused worldwide.

Again in history, only the users of the product count, and not the ones doing the work.

Scanning books, without checking for copyright, forcing authors to resolve copyright issues
with a company that never had a business deal with them.

Business has its bounds and agreements.

Google cannot force business agreements on anybody without cooperation, and proper
bounds and agreements.

Writars are horrored.

I actually care about the whole Googee. Too much human rights violations.
Too much privacy violations. Too much Orwellian Googlescuism.
Too much caring only about the users and not 'at all' about writars.
Too much Napsterian unprecedented access. Too much mafia for a company.

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