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Retrospect 7

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In article <QAKef.76787$(E-Mail Removed)>, Luke O'Malley
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> I am very new at running Retrospect. All that I want to do is backup
> by hard drive. I select backup and the proper source (Local Disk
> (C and destination (Laptop Computer).
> The activity monitor shows the hard drive contents (66.1 GB) as
> 'Remaining' (at the start) and 0 GB for Completed. The execution
> procedes until I get a msg
> RetroEventHandler
> Media Request
> Retrospect is requesting media '1-Laptop Computer' (1-Laomputer)
> Retrospect has backed up to this media before.
> Retrospect has waited 0 seconds so far.
> Continue with media request?
> By selecting OK the execution continues. But why do I keep getting
> these msgs, and is there any way of getting rid of them. You have
> to attend the backup!

I haven't used it, but it sounds like it's checking the files it
already backed up on the drive you specify, and is wondering if you
really want to do it again.
Maybe you have the wrong media type set (maybe it thinks you are going
to load a blank DVD instead of a hard drive).
Maybe there is a setting to verify you always want to overwrite the
previous job; I doubt that would be the default.
Or maybe you just need to get it to rename the folder it backs up to,
so that it won't have to overwrite the previous backup. That's how most
of the Mac tools work.
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