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Crossplatform (Windows/Linux) RMI System??

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I'm currently looking for a RMI system that works crossplatform (at
least Windows/Linux).
The system must support:
- Basic C++ types like char, float double as both [in] and [out] (by
value, and by reference)
- std C++ types like std::string, std::wstring, std::vector, std::list
as both [in] and [out]
- Userdefined types, primary structs only containing data as both [in]
and [out]
- Object references as both [in] and [out]
- Calls from multiple threads (no thread affinity)
- Multiple callbacks without deadlocks
- support for some sort of exception-mechanism

The products that needs to use this RMI system are a peer-to-peer
network and there is no specific server, so I do not know if Corba
(???) meets this demand, but sugestions for other dedicated RMI
systems are welcome.

I have already created an extendable IDL compiler so an IDL compiler
is not a must (because we have our own).

I hope someone will come up with some suggestions!

Best Regards,
Kristian Lippert

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