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standard colour for C++

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Even though I'm a bit late, happy new year everyone!

Victor Bazarov wrote:

> jalina wrote:
>> Chor Lit a écrit :
>>> [..]
>>> I believe there are plenty more advantages in using colours in
>>> C++. There are a lot of details in C++ that I can't think of
>>> that might benefit from using colour scheme in C++. I hope this
>>> will spark an idea to the committee. What do you think ?

>> I agree with. Why use only colors ? I suggest to use OpenOffice
>> as a editor for a new language where a table is declared and
>> initialized by inserting a "Table" in a document.

> The code should be formatted as a spreadsheet. With fonts.

We should also add fuzzy logic right into the language. IMNSHO this
must take the form of standardized smileys, so that the compiler can
guess our feelings about a peculiar code portion.

Indeed, every bell and whistle we can think of should be integrated
into C++. This would for sure make it the most powerful language of
these times, and would lay the foundation for next-generation
languages that support mind-reading.

As a side note, I find it amazing how people (me included) can jump
on a well written troll.

Best whishes to you all.

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