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Dave Roseblade
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>-----Original Message-----
>Hi there, just wondering if anybody might have a little
>last minute advice, before i write 217 in two days.

>mastered the Transcenders and as many questions as i can
>find on the net and what not, feeling fairly confident

>was just wondering from somebody who has taken it what i
>should look out for!!! Thanx Davin

Remember to understand the conceipts, when taking the test
if you don't understand something pick the best answer
mark it and when you have time at the end go back root
out the wrong or last choices.
this helped me. I did pass all my tests and used this

The technique...

1. Ensure that you have Time Per Question (TPQ) allotment
calculated. (See strategy #7 for more info)

2. Remove the Question Noise (See strategy #6 for more

3. Remember that Interactive Questions count for as much
60% of your score - if the 'trouble' question is an
type question, don't shrug it off and move on - it
cost you the exam. (See strategy #5 for more info)

4. Remember 'Experience is not enough', certification
questions are more often than not, written by writers,
not in the trenches, on the front line IT people -
life situations are not necessarily what you are being
tested on. (See strategy #4 for more info)

5. Remember the 'Information Overload' technique and
how to handle Distractors (Information Overload).
(See strategy #3 for more info)

6. Be wary of 'Information Warfare' or Dis-information -
information from several sources that contradict each
other - this must be resolved before attempting the
(See strategy #2 for more info)

* Phase 1...
With each one of these 6 strategies in mind and knowing
amount of time you have to handle the question (TPQ),
remove the noise - breaking the question down into the
smallest parts and revealing the keywords or phases.
Then, discard the 'Distractors' (Information Overload)

* Phase 2...
With the question noise and distractors now gone,
the answer choices that are 'way out there' (usually 1/2
of them
have absolutely no relevancy to the question)

* Phase 3...
With only a few choices now remaining, again scan your
/ phrases (from strategy #7) and ask yourself 'from the
writers perspective' what is he/she really testing me on?

So often the long winded question, with its distractors
question noise is really - when it comes down to it -
asking a
very straight forward question. Understanding what
the 'writers'
are attempting to test you on will often reveal the
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