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Problem regarding SAXParser
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I am trying to parse an xml document with the following header
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I am using SAXParser to parse th file as shown in code below:

SAXParser sax;

MemBufInputSource buf((const XMLByte*) text.chars( CHARSET_UTF_8
),text.b_length( CHARSET_UTF_8 ), buffer_name); //text contains actual
xml file to be parsed

sax.parse(buf); //fail here
catch (const SAXException& e)
fprintf(stderr,"Exception thrown: %s", e.what());
catch (std::exception &e)
fprintf(stderr,"Exception thrown: %s", e.what());

// Close everything down here and present an error message
catch (...)
fprintf(stderr,"INSIDE ELIPSES");


The problem is that the code is failing at sax.parse method. And also
there is no exception being thrown because of which i am unable to
figure out why the parse method is failing.
So is this because there is some problem with the encoding scheme of
the document or something else? And why is it not throwing any

Kindly provide any suggession in this regard


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Pete Becker
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      12-20-2006 Removed) wrote:
> I am using SAXParser to parse th file as shown in code below:

SAXParser isn't part of the C++ standard library. You should ask whoever
you got it from.


-- Pete
Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd. (
Author of "The Standard C++ Library Extensions: a Tutorial and
Reference." (
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