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Deleting the Array.

peter koch
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Victor Bazarov skrev:
> peter koch wrote:
> > Victor Bazarov skrev:

> > I believe you will be hard pressed to find modern compilers where
> > std::vector is "much much slower" than std::vector. I even believe you
> > will have problems finding a compiler where you will even notice the
> > difference.

> Visual Studio 2005, optimizing for size, does not inline calls to any
> of 'std::vector' members, which in some cases causes too much overhead
> for function calls when access to a simle array is sufficient. It is
> especially noticeable when done millions of times in a loop.
> > But never mind that. Even if it was the case that std::vector was
> > "much much slower" (say a factor ten),

> How did you guess [the factor] so well?

In that case, I'd have different optimisation settings for the code
with the millions of loops (and remove the "secure checking" "feature"
that is still enabled even at max optimisation.
> > I'd still recommend
> > std::vector to the OP and then - if profiling told you - reluctantly
> > advice about using new []. new [] is so much more errorprone and
> > fragile and the OP obviously not very experienced.

> Never mind the OP's experience. I was talking in general. And trust
> me, I *have* profiled those things.

I did answer in the context of the OP. More experienced programmers
will know to profile and find out how to optimise anyway.


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