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How do I run this project(SPD)

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How do I run this
By which software?
I use VC++.Net 2005 now,Could I transform it to .Net's Project?

The SPD distribution contains the following files:

Manifest.txt - what you are now reading
Readme.txt - readme file for what the SPD is about
NFF.txt - a description of the Neutral File Format used in the SPD
index.htm - the web page at

makefile - generic makefile (no display possible), same as null
makefile - IBM PC DJGPP+GRX makefile
makefile.dos - IBM PC DOS generic makefile
makefile.hp - Hewlett Packard HPUX makefile (includes X11
makefile.nul - null makefile (default generic)
makefile.x11 - X11R6 makefile

def.h - some useful "C" definitions
lib.h - globals and conversion/output library routine declarations
libdmp.c - library of post-process dump routines
libinf.c - library of info routines
libini.c - library of initialization routines
libply.c - library of polygon face routines
libpr1.c - library of general shape primitive routines, basic
libpr2.c - library of general shape primitive routines, simple
libpr3.c - library of general shape primitive routines, more
libtx.c - library of texturing support routines
libvec.c - library of vector & matrix routines
libvec.h - vector & matrix library defines and routine declarations

nff2rad.c - NFF to Radiance format converter by Greg Ward

balls.c - fractal ball object (a.k.a. sphereflake) generator
gears.c - 3D array of interlocking gears generator
mount.c - fractal mountain and 4 glass ball generator
rings.c - pyramid of dodecahedral rings generator
teapot.c - the famous teapot on a checkerboard generator
tetra.c - recursive tetrahedra generator
tree.c - tree generator

drv.h - display driver definitions
drv_hp.c - HP Starbase/X11 display driver
drv_ibm.c - IBM PC VGA display driver
drv_mac.c - Macintosh display driver
drv_null.c - generic driver template (usable, but does not display)
drv_x11.c - X11R6 graphics display driver

readdxf.c - DXF file reader/displayer/converter
readnff.c - NFF file reader/displayer/converter
readobj.c - Wavefront OBJ file reader/displayer/converter
view.dat - view for DXF and OBJ displayer - material for RIB export

sample.c - an example file showing a simple scene
lattice.c - cubic lattice generator
shells.c - "shell" generator (but don't try to look inside!)
sombrero.c - hat function heightfield output example
jacks.c - recursive jacks
nurbtst.c - NURBS routine tester

f117.dxf - sample DXF file; F117 plane
f15.obj - sample Wavefront OBJ file; F15 plane
skull.dxf - sample DXF file; skull

*.gif - thumbnail images of the databases


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akira32.comp.lang.c++ wrote:
> How do I run this
> project(
> By which software?
> I use VC++.Net 2005 now,Could I transform it to .Net's Project?


This is a platform-specific question, not a C++ *language* question,
which is the topic of this group. See this FAQ for what is on-topic
here and for some other places you could consider asking:

Cheers! --M

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