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Find/Replace with char arrays without string functions
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Heya everyone,

I'm trying to write a program that finds and replace an array of
characters defined by the user in a text file. Basicly the program
finds and replaces a substring typed in by the user. I've got the
opening file and displaying its contents down, but the problem is, I
can not use any of the string member functions to find and replace. I
am trying to read a line of text from the input file at a time and
comparing it to what the user typed in. All I got so far is the
following code segment that only finds a character:

ifstream inFile;
const int i = 11;
char find[i];
const int j = 81;
char input[j];
char ch;
int count = 0;


while(ch != '\n')
if(find[i-11] == ch)



Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you

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