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length of 2D Array >> char **myString= (char **) malloc (sizeof (char *));

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does someone know how to get the length of a 2 dimensional string
here what i need:


char **getList(void){

char **myString= (char **) malloc (sizeof (char *));

for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
myString= (char **) realloc (myString, (i+1) * sizeof (char *));
myString[i] = (char *) malloc (255 * sizeof(char));
strcpy (myString[i],"List Item");
return myString;

void something(void){
char **dataList = getList();

int length = ????? // IDEA ?

for(int i=0;i<length;i++){


if done several experiments with sizeof like
int length = (sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0])
but most time i always get length = 1.

sorry, thats a bit simple, but i am cosseted java progger
you know > "my String".length.
So, if you know, please tell me.

best Regards,

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