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Learning to program

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"Victor Bazarov" writes:

>> [..]
>> Oh, and let's not forget RPG.

> Reverse Polish ... <what?>

Report Program Generator. Think punched cards. I think of it as a kind of
replacement for a plugboard.

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Robert J. Hansen
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> You are a sick unit, aren't you? Too many blasted "()"

Honestly, I'm surprised more C++ geeks aren't also LISP geeks. There
are some deep and beautiful parallels between C++ templates and LISP

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Default User
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noone wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Aug 2006 03:20:30 -0700, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> > I'm fond of a language called LISP,

> You are a sick unit, aren't you? Too many blasted "()"

But that's its name! Lots of Idiotic Single Parentheses.

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Greg Comeau
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In article <(E-Mail Removed). com>,
Robert J. Hansen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> Clearly it does not have to mean that. Recalling when I first
>> learned programming, it was _all_ hierogliphics to me, even the
>> so-called simple stuff.

>I've had excellent luck using Python as a language to introduce people
>to programming, and then shifting to C++ by increments. YMMV, of
>course, but there are several languages out there that appear to be far
>less intimidating to newcomers.

As you say YMMV but IME there is no magic bullet and so called easier
languages can be illusory for beginners. I've also found non-language
aspects are often be the actual underlying intimidation with language
features used as the scapegoat. This is not to say that certain
languages are not more complex etc than others.
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Jerry Coffin
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed)

[ ... ]

> I'll stick with fortran4 and algol, with a lite sprinkle of APL.
> Oh, and let's not forget RPG.

Quite the contrary -- please DO let us forget RPG. In fact, for having
reminded us of it, you are hereby sentenced to spend one hour listening
to whichever pop singer is most admired by 14 year-old girls right now.

[Note from the US Supreme Court: we're very sorry to announce that Mr.
Coffin will be absent for some time due to attempting to impose a cruel
and unusual punishment on....wait a minute....did you say RPG?

[some time passes]

Upon review of the full particulars of the case, we find that the
evidence is dispositive, and the punishment was entirely reasonable.]


The universe is a figment of its own imagination.
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