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problem with strings

Neil Cerutti
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On 2006-01-05, Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Ben Pope wrote:
>> std::string is much easier to use correctly than char*.

> Yes.
>> Surely the basics are std::strings, and the complicated bits
>> are arrays, resource management, and pointers?

> Sort of.. (see below)
>> Only when somebody is at ease with the basics, should they progress to
>> the more advanced topics of pointers, arrays and resource management.

> The "usage" of std::strings is easier than char* of course. But
> std::string hides implementation details and simple language
> mechanism's (buffer allocation and deletion etc) that the
> developer should be familiar with in order for them to apply
> such mechanism's to their own classes and algorithms.

That's why learning std::string before char* is so valuable. It
exposes new C++ programmers to a major C++ abstraction mechanism.
Learning it the other way around may be a disservice. The ability
to program in Brainf**k is very important in C++, but you don't
have to learn it first.

> The concept of arrays may be more advanced, but a character
> array is IMHO the simplest, most concrete way to explain those
> features and visualize them. It's much easier to explain an
> array of chars than an array of X objects.

I agree that eventually you need to understand these concepts.

Neil Cerutti
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