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Memory allocation problem

Robbie Hatley
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AlabiChin wrote:

> I noticed that when I dynamically create an array of chars

Why would you want to do that?

> the resulting size of the allocated memory block
> is larger by about 15 bytes than what I specified.

Why would you care?

> Here is example code:
> char *createTextBuffer(char *buffer, int length)
> {
> buffer = new char[length];
> if (buffer == NULL) {
> return NULL;
> }
> length = strlen(buffer); // Current buffer shows larger size.
> return buffer;
> }


Here's my version of your code:

{ // Begin block; stuff declared in here dies at end.

// Make a buffer to hold some text:
std::string TextBuffer = "This is some text.";

// Find the length of the text in the buffer, which is
// NOT the same thing as the memory used by the buffer:
int Length = TextBuffer.size();

// (do stuff with TextBuffer and Size)

} // End block; TextBuffer and Size are deallocated here.

In my version, allocation and deallocation are always done
for you automatically. There is no "memory allocation
problem". If you absolutely need a C string version of
TextBuffer (say, to pass to some C std lib function), then
use the .c_str() member function of TextBuffer:

int CSize = strlen(TextBuffer.c_str());

I think you'll find that Size and CSize are then both
equal to 18 (the length of "This is some text.").

> The above program causes a crash.

Of course. For one thing, it's full of errors, as others
here have pointed out. But more importantly, it's C, not
C++. A zero-terminated array of char is a very antiquated
and crude way of handling strings. C++ std::string is much
better. It's easier, safer, and much more versatile, with
loads of cool member functions such as "size" and "find"
and "substr". Time to upgrade your approach, I think.

Robbie Hatley
Tustin, CA, USA
email: lonewolfintj at pacbell dot net
web: home dot pacbell dot net slant earnur slant

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