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Another name of type of iterator allowed or not?

Victor Bazarov
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Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> My major aim is to develop coding style as much consistent as
> possible. So, I'd like to avoid mutually exclusive rules and
> occurences like those:
> 1) Rule: Every type starts with capital letter
> 2) Next, I have my library strongly based on STL and I'd like to
> provide STL coherent interface so I have in one of my class:
> class A
> {
> public:
> typedef std::string::size_type size_type;
> size_type size() const;
> };
> And here size_type breaks the rule defined in 1).
> Yes, according to this rule in 1) I could write:
> typedef std::string::size_type SizeType;
> SizeType size() const;
> But, users of my library learn (from documentation etc.) that
> collection-like or collection composition classes in my library
> provide number of elements through size() function, just like STL
> std::vector or std::string does it and the type of return value is
> ....size_type but not ...SizeType.
> Simply, it breaks inconsistency, doesn't it?
> I hope I provide clear example now.

It is rather difficult to come up with a set of rules in which following
any one does not cause breaking another. Just think of the Three Laws
of Robotics. Something has to be superior. In your case, you can say

1. Naming convention shall be consistent with the rest of the used
source code (library source in the form of headers included)
2. Types shall be capitalized unless it violates rule 1.

In general, don't waste your time trying to come up with rules. Better
spend your time learning the existing rules, like those of the language.


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Mateusz Loskot
Posts: n/a
As I said, I'm convinced and your comments are very instructive.
I like those 2 rules you've introduced
Mateusz Loskot

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