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overloading operators (basic)

Ben Pope
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Jacek Dziedzic wrote:
> Ben Pope wrote:
>> It's perfectly acceptable.
>> Just don't try to do it with constructors, it won't achieve what you
>> want.

> but variant A is fine, right?
> // --- variant A
> Foo::Foo(int a) {};
> Foo::Foo() : Foo(3) {};
> // --- variant B
> Foo::Foo(int a) {};
> Foo::Foo() {Foo(3);}
> is fine, right?

I don't see how it would be, are you referring to:

class Foo {
Foo(int a) : a_(a) {}
Foo() : Foo(3) {}
int a_;

int main() {
Foo foo;

Foo is not a base or member of itself, so I'm not sure what you are
intending to initialise.

Ben Pope
I'm not just a number. To many, I'm known as a string...
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