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70-305 Test Question

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Below is a link to a walk-through of a real life
situation where gacutil.exe is useful:

The article demonstrates how to run a COM component (MS
SQL 2000 DTS utility) from .NET by creating an type
library from a generated key file, then this library is
imported into the GAC using gacutil.exe

GAC is good for pointing many applications to a specific

I've heard questions about this do actually come up.

Hope this helps.

>-----Original Message-----
>This is an abbreviated question on the Transcender prep

exam for 70-305:
>Which of the following tools can be used to install an

assembly into the
>Windows Installer
>others are listed on the real question
>The transcender answer is just Gacutil.exe and Windows

Installer. But
>ngen.exe, as we all know, creates a native image from an

assembly and
>installs it into the native image cache area of the

GAC. So I think
>ngen.exe should also be an answer.
>If I get this on the real test, right now I don't know

what to answer. Is
>this a Transcender error or is the real test this tricky

(or maybe error
>How should this question be answered in the real test?

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