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Global template specialization in namespace -- alternative?

Alf P. Steinbach
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Is there any way to get the "enabling" traits definitions textually closer to
(ideally on the line below) the enums they refer to, in the code below?

template< bool shouldBeTrue > struct StaticAssert_;
template<> struct StaticAssert_<true> {};

template< typename T >
struct EnumIncrementEnabled_{ enum{ yes = false }; };

template< typename T >
inline T operator++( T& v )
StaticAssert_< EnumIncrementEnabled_<T>::yes >();
v = T( v + 1 ); return v;

namespace nac_puzzle
enum RiverSideEnum{ left, right };
inline RiverSideEnum opposite( RiverSideEnum side )
return RiverSideEnum( 1 - side );

enum PersonKindEnum{ cannibal, nun };
inline PersonKindEnum opposite( PersonKindEnum kind )
return PersonKindEnum( 1 - kind );

enum { nPersonsOfAKind = 3, maxPerTransfer = 2 };
template<> struct EnumIncrementEnabled_<nac_puzzle::RiverSideEnum>
{ enum{ yes = true }; };
template<> struct EnumIncrementEnabled_<nac_puzzle:ersonKindEnum>
{ enum{ yes = true }; };

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