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Re: Removing dead code and unused functions

Dan Henry
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Kevin Bagust <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Geronimo W. Christ Esq wrote:
>> Are there any scripts or tools out there that could look recursively
>> through a group of C/C++ source files, and allow unreferenced function
>> calls or values to be easily identified ?
>> LXR is handy for indexing source code, and for a given function or
>> global variable it can show you all the places where it is referenced.
>> It would be really nice to have a tool that would simply list all of the
>> referenced functions, so that you could go through and remove them.

>PC-Lint will list unused functions, variables and headers. A free Lint
>my do the same but I do not know if that is the case.

My input regarding "A free Lint"...

I have grown accustomed to my PC-Lint doing this and when a client
hesitated to purchase PC-Lint at my recommendation, I tried Splint --
a freebie. FWIW, as of my attempt ~1 year ago, it would not announce
unreferenced functions. My client purchased a LAN license for PC-Lint
and everyone is now happy.

Gimpel's FlexeLint presumably has the same features.

Dan Henry
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