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A brand new program is aviailable on my website.

BASICdraw is a procedural image editor. It allows you to specify operations
on images in BASIC. Tasks that are often fiddly with conventional editors
become straightforwards. Every company using graphics should have a copy.

The program is implemented in C.
A few notes:

As always, the user interface took up the bulk of the time. The interface is
very prone to bugs. Quite often I found myself cut and pasting code to
perform simple operations like scrolling the image, loading files, and so

Some simple things are really difficult. I couldn't work out how to create a
file in memory. Nor how to use the proprietary image loading routines and
actually retrieve the dimensions of the image. I am sure these are possible,
but extensive consultation of the help files drew a blank.

I strongly suspect that moving to a C++ interface would ahve made all these
problems worse. A few things like the panes on the windows would ahve been
easier, but the whole interface would have been more complicated, harder to
customise, and more prone to bugs. However that is only an impression.

freeware games to download.

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