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Stopping Repetitive Strain Injuries
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RSI Warrior 4.0 is an award-winning ergonomics software package helping
thousands of computer users prevent and recover from computer-related
Repetitive Strain Injuries such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis and
deQuervain's syndromes.

Features include:

* Intelligent strain monitoring system.

* Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually
work at the computer, and designed to be as unintrusive as possible.

* Professional 3D stretching animations designed by ergonomics experts
that target key muscle groups in the hands, arms, upper back, legs and

* Ergonomics Wizard shown at startup to remind you the proper seating
positions and proper ergonomic configuration of your desk, chair and

* Posture Reminders shown at key intervals reminding you to correct
your seating posture.

* Automatic clicking to get rid the strain associated with mouse
clicking. This works by automatically dispatching a click whenever you
stop moving the mouse. This works great if your RSI is induced by

* Tracking & reporting of key work statistics to help you understand
how you use your computer.

Free download at:

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