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A stylistic question.

Jordan Abel
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2006-05-20 <(E-Mail Removed)>, Richard Heathfield wrote:
> James Dow Allen said:
>> I *do* like being able to line up begins and ends easily, so if I was
>> ever forced to work on code that used (gasp!) 2-space indentation
>> I'd become an indent(1) fan *real* quick. (2-space indentation may
>> look
>> OK on little fragments, but am I the only one that ever puts more than
>> 3 or 4 lines of code into the body of a for or if?)

> I use two-space indent, and I have found that it works very well. History: I
> used to use tabs (with 8-stops), but that got silly fast, and I converted
> to 4-stops (but still tabs). But then I got into Usenet. Tabs being frowned
> upon, I got into the 2-space indent habit for Usenet posts (because it was
> so much quicker!), and found that I liked it so much I adopted it for
> non-Usenet code too.
> I have no problem matching braces (because I lay them out Allman-style, so
> it's very obvious) - and anyway, vim can jump between { and } with a single
> keystroke, so even if it weren't obvious it wouldn't matter that much.
> But yes, you're right - indent(1) is our friend.

gg=G preserves existing line numbers.
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