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Writting A Psudo Filesystem
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As some of you may know I am working on a mini operating system. For
it I need to write a filesystem that just apears to the current OS that
is running my mini-OS as a large file. I think I have a pretty good
idea of how to do this but I just figured I'd throw it out there incase
anyone has any sugrestions. If you don't understand what I am saying
I'll give an example.
*n*x example

~/mos/fsystem.fs /* this is actually a large file that may or may not
have a preformatted size ( I have not yet decided) but the program
would read it as follows */

/*in fsystem.fs */
: /* psudo root type dir */
:hm /* psudo home type dir */

And so on and so on. So to sum it up the fsystem.fs file would be a
large file that was read by the program as a file system. This is
relivant because the program is written in standard C. Any
suggestions/comments would be much apreciated. Also if you don't
understand what I'm saying then ask questions. What I really need help
with is the way to make the program think it is reading files specific
files. I almost think that it may require a whole library to be
written by me . Anyways.

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