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Using &array with scanf

Steve Summit
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Chris Torek wrote:
> If he is familiar with basketball, try the argument Steve Summit once
> repeated here (I am not sure where he got it):
> Someone told me that, in basketball, you have to bounce the
> ball off the floor; you can't hold the ball and run around the
> court. But I tried it and it works just fine. Obviously he
> does not understand basketball!

That was Roger Miller, in <1994Jan31.125725.5553@verifone>.

> Or, for Boston drivers, remember the rule about driving the wrong
> way on a one-way street ("it's OK as long as you're in reverse!").

I suppose you think that's some kind of joke! Until recently,
I lived on a quiet one-way residential street in Cambridge,
and I saw people doing that all the time...
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