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Regarding Q. 14-5

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"Eric Sosman" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
>> Seemingly you aren't actually reading what I'm writing, you're just
>> responding to my criticism of you by attacking me. Your problem, not
>> mine.

> A thousand apologies: Indeed, I misread what you wrote.
> Searching up-thread I see that it was not you but Malcolm
> who claimed that `f <= 1.0' is "dangerous," and it's that
> rash claim I've been disputing.
> Once again, sorry for my mistake.

Gas heaters are also dangerous. People die of carbon monoxide poisoning
every year.

Unfortunately there's not much you can do about it - no one has yet built a
practical CO monitor. Banning gas would mean the loss of an entire fuel
source. "Dangerous" and "unusable" are two different things.

As for your point that, if we test against 1 + epislon it doesn't do any
good unless we also test agaisnt 1 + epsilon * 2, I hope you can see the
fallacy of this.
We are interested in numbers mathematically equal to or less than unity.
Testing against 1.0 + episilon gets rid of all the false rejections, at the
price of risking more false acceptances. That may be good or bad, depending
on which is worse for your particular program.

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