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NunniMCAX v. 1.4.1 released

Roberto Nunnari
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New Open Source release of NunniMCAX, a lightweight minimal,
XML parser written in C.

NunniMCAX is a C, non validating XML parser. Its APIs and
functioning are very similar to SAX. That means that if
you're familiar with SAX it will be straitforward to start
using it.

NunniMCAX is not and will never be a competitor of xerces nor
expat. In fact, the aim of NunniMCAX is to be a lightweight,
fast and reliable XML parser to be used in environment with
limited resources (embedded, mobiles, etc..). A minimal (only
well-formed check) executable linked statically against the
library with all symbols stripped away on FreeBSD has a size
below 19 KByte. NunniMCAX don't validate nor entity expansion..
but it strives to verify that the document is well-formed.

This release includes mainly bugfixes:
- fixed memory leak thanks to Frank D'arcy who discovered
it and provided a patch
- fixed FSM logic definition error which would cause it
moving to the wrong state if the '>' character were found
inside a comment

NunniMCAX has been developped using NunniFSMGen
a Finite State Machine Generator in C, C++ and Java.

Best regards.
Roberto Nunnari -software engineer-
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