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compare a large number of variables

Chris Torek
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>> Charlie Gordon wrote:
>>> printf("%p", 0);
>>> As we all know, this code in incorrect, and it will fail on
>>> architectures where
>>> sizeof(void*) > sizeof(int)

>Roland Illig <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>> Not quite. If the argument passing scheme doesn't care about the size,
>> for example by using registers for both types ...

In article <(E-Mail Removed)>
Keith Thompson <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Even assuming both types are passed in the *same* register, the code
>can fail if a null pointer isn't represented as all-bits-zero. There
>may be other ways it can fail that I can't think of off the top of my

The usual one is that you run out of argument registers, so that
remaining arguments are passed by some other mechanism, where the
size does matter. For instance, on MIPS, you get four "integer-like"
arguments via registers, the rest via temporary storage the compiler
allocates in an appropriate stack frame; on SPARC you get six; on
PowerPC the number depends on whose ABI you use, I believe.


printf("%p", 0);

"just happens" to work, but:

printf("i: %d, s: %s, c: %c, p: %p", i, s, c, 0);

"just happens" to behave bizarrely on a 64-bit MIPS. (The four
arguments a0 through a3 include the format and i, s, and c; the
fifth argument for %p -- given incorrectly here as an unadorned
integer constant zero -- writes only 32 of the 64 bits that will
be read.)

The same code "just happens" to work on the SPARC until two more
parameters are inserted.

>> Nevertheless, the code is not portable and should be avoided.

>Yup. In fact, it invokes undefined behavior, with all that implies.

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