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Is an address change possible by "deconstify/const_cast"?

Martin Ambuhl
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      07-10-2005 Removed) wrote:

> How do you think about this code example?

*What* I think about your C++ code example is that it ought not be
posted to comp.lang.c. Please pay attention to what you are doing.
Follow-ups set.
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(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> > You don't show us an implementation of the deconstify1() function.
> > (I think it was in a previous article, but I'm too lazy to go
> > looking for it.)

> How do you think about this code example?

Very little.

> struct context
> {
> long key;
> char const * name1;
> string const * name2;

You haven't defined 'string'.

> } ctx;
> char* X = (char*) malloc(5);

You should NEVER cast the return from malloc. Where did the magic
number '5' come from?

> if (X)
> {
> strcpy(X, "Test");
> ctx.name1 = X;
> ctx.name2 = new string("check");

'new' is a syntax error. This is c.l.c, not c.l.c++.
> /* Treat it as a constant after the initial assignment */
> if (ctx.name2)
> {
> ctx.key = rand();
> printf("%li: %s", ctx.key, ctx.name1);
> cout << *ctx.name2;

You haven't defined cout. Why do you want to left shift it?
*ctx.name2 is not a suitable argument anyhow.

> {
> string* alias1 = const_cast<string*>(ctx.name2);

More syntax errors. Again, this is c.l.c.

.... snip remainder. F'ups set. c.l.c / c.l.c++ crossposts are
pure foolishness.

"If you want to post a followup via, don't use
the broken "Reply" link at the bottom of the article. Click on
"show options" at the top of the article, then click on the
"Reply" at the bottom of the article headers." - Keith Thompson

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